Professional Development Workshops

Our professional development workshops are based around improving your skills and knowledge, learning from other practitioners, networking and understanding the need for everyone to be working together for the benefit of the horse.

The idea is to have a number of different practitioners working together to fully assess the needs of the horses that they will be presented with.

The practitioners could be a mix of farriers, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, body workers, vets etc


We plan to have 5 horses each workshop with the people attending to be divided into 5 groups, ideally with at least one of each type of practitioner in each group.


The groups will then assess the horse, determine if there are any problems with the horse and formulate a plan to improve the horses welfare, soundness and/or performance.

The owners of the horses will be there to give some general information, which would be similar to a consult.


The assessments will include static and dynamic limb and foot conformation, overall condition, muscle symmetry, limb landing and loading, stride patterns and symmetry of movement etc

Once the groups have assessed all of the horses , we will be giving them the data from our Biomex gait analysis assessments and HoofScan assessments for them to compare with their findings.


Each group will then be assigned one horse to explain to all of the other attendees their process of assessment, what they found, how they would address any problems and their plan for improving the welfare, soundness and/or performance of the horse.

Like all of our workshops, we will be happy to conduct a professional development workshop anywhere that we have enough interest.

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