Our very popular HoofScan assessment is designed to present

the horse owner with accurate, detailed and objective 'report

based' data on the condition of their horses feet.


We use digital x-ray equipment to take a total of 8 radiographs, a

lateral (side view) and DP (front view) of each foot. The radiographs

are then analysed at our head office, using the most up to date

equine podiatry software available, and a report is prepared

detailing important internal and external measures. Generally, we

are able to forward your report, along with copies of your marked

radiographs, within 7 days of the assessment. It's recommended

owners schedule an appointment with us to discuss their report

in detail over the phone. We are also happy to discuss the details

of your report with your vet, hoof care provider (farrier or trimmer)

or other professionals that work with your horse.

Taking radiographs for the HoofScan assessment

Progressive Equine Services.Progressive

Marked Radiograph - Lateral View

Progressive Equine Services.Progressive

Marked Radiograph -DP View

Over the last past 4 years we have completed more than 800 HoofScan assessments. The horses we have assessed include national level horses, through to paddock and retired horses, and everything in between. We have completed assessments for horses in nearly all disciplines, including the racing industry, horses competing in Dressage, Eventing and Showjumping, Western horses; including Reiners, Western Dressage and Western Performance, Endurance horses, Campdraft, Challenge and Cutting horses, Riding Club horses, Pony Club horses and ponies and Trail Riding horses. In more than 80% of these assessments we have identified a need for change, which once implemented has led to the improvement in comfort, soundness and/or performance of the horse.

A horses feet are its foundation, and the balance and alignment of the feet and distal limb can have major implications on nearly every facet of your horse. This includes its general well-being and level of comfort, through to behavior, soundness and performance.


Recent studies conclude that over 72% of all front limb lameness could be contributed to less than ideal foot balance and/or alignment. Studies also conclude that trimming and shoeing have an enormous influence upon the soundness of the horse and that a large proportion of lameness seen today, could be prevented through good farriery.

As horse owners, it can be difficult to get an 'objective' opinion on the condition of your horses feet. As hoof care providers, we rarely have access to all of the information we need on the feet of the horses we are working on, as in most cases we are unable to see important internal measures and alignments. 


Our HoofScan assessments offer better understanding and peace of mind to the owner, whilst providing your hoof care provider with 'all of the important information' required to maximise the benefit of their work to your horse.

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Viewing radiographs prior to shoeing

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**Progressive Equine only take x-rays for farriery purposes and we do not diagnose pathologies.

**Progressive Equine are licensed to own & operate x-ray equipment in several states in Australia

**Studies by Page, Hagen 2002 & O'Grady, Poupard, 2003